14.7.2021 17:20
Effective Solution For Thrips Control For Pepper And Ornamental Plants: Nematac

In greenhouses, indoor and outdoor gardens, western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) is the most damaging type of thrips in many greenhouse crops and ornamental plants. It is very easy to fight this pest with Nematac.

In greenhouses, indoor and outdoor gardens, western flower thrips(Frankliniella occidentalis) is the most damaging type of thrips in manygreenhouse crops and ornamental plants.

Adult is about 1 mm long, yellow in color and very active. Adults andlarvae are found on the underside of the leaves. They give 3-6, at most 10 offspring per year. They continue to reproduce as long as they find a hostplant in warm regions.

It damages the plant by sucking the sap and stripping the fruits, flowersand leaves. Plant leaves may become pale, spotted and silvery, then die.Damaged plants are twisted, discolored and scarred.

How Does Flower Thrips(Frankliniella Occidentalis) Damage?

Extremely active thrips feed in largegroups. They leap or fly when disturbed. Both adults and wingless larvae areattracted to white, yellow and other light colored flowers. It acts as acarrier for the transmission and spread of virus diseases.

Adults and pupae overwinter in thesoil. In the spring, newly emerged females insert eggs into the tissues offlowers, leaves or stems. Each female can produce up to 80 eggs, which hatch indays in hot weather and weeks or months in cold weather. They become winglesslarvae that feed on plant sap. After two or more nymphal stages, many thripsfall to the ground to pupate. Developing adults fly to the plant and repeat thecycle. In warm weather, the entire cycle from egg to adult can take up to 12-15 generations per year, requiring less than 16 days.

Nematac; It is a licensed biologicalcontrol agent used in the biological control of flower thrips (Frankliniellaoccidentalis) larvae in ornamental plants and peppers. It infects the larvae offlower thrips (Frankliniella Occidentalis) with the Entomopathogenic Nematodeit contains and provides a successful fight opportunity.

Nematac; It is a plant protectionproduct (PPP) that does not leave any residue when used against flower thrips(Frankliniella Occidentalis) and does not harm human and environmental health.

Before Application, Packaging Selection And Storage Conditions

• Our Nematac packages contain 500million and 250 million biological control agents.

• Application should be made ingreenhouses and open areas with 125 million nematodes per decare.

• Be sure to check the expiry date onthe package before use. The shelf life of Nematac is 45 days as it is abiological product.

• After Nematac is received, if it isto be used in the future, it must be stored at 2-6 °C in a dark environment.

• Nematodes are active between 8-28°C.Before using the product, it should be removed from the cabinet and left for 5minutes at room temperature.

Preparation Of Nematac

Before applying Nematac, carefullyread the step-by-step instructions and do them completely. Incorrect andincomplete applications reduce the success rate of Nematac's biologicalactivity.

• There is no need for special toolsand equipment for Nematac applications.

• Applications should not be made withdrip irrigation systems.

• The motorized sprayers, back pump oreven a gardener's bucket can be used.

• It should be ensured that theapplication tank is completely clean without filling it with water. First, theapplication tank should be filled halfway with chlorine-free and clean water.All filters and screens in the treatment tank must be removed to avoidclogging.

• The spray nozzle should be largerthan 0.5 mm (500 micron) to avoid clogging.

• The entire Nematac package mustfirst be added to 10 liters of water in a separate bucket and mixed for 5minutes. The homogeneous mixture in the bucket should be transferred to theapplication tank, which is half filled with water, and the remaining amount ofwater in the tank should be added.


Application Of Nematac

• If Nematocide is used in the fightagainst harmful nematodes, Nematac should be used at least 2 weeks later.

• Pump pressure should not exceed 12bar.

• In order to prevent the mixture fromsinking to the bottom, the mixer should be operated in order to obtain correctand effective results during the application.

• Mixing should continue until theapplication is finished.

• Applications are started one weekafter planting. It is repeated at the determined doses.

• Soil moisture must be maintainedbefore and after the application.

• To get accurate and effective resultsbefore and after the application, contact us.