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Microbial Fertilizer


Vitormone PLUS, the microbial foliar fertilizer in a liquid formulation, does no harm to nature and leaves no residue on the plant. For this reason, it is also suitable for use in organic agriculture.

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This product has been registered by the "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Food".

Vitormone contains azotobacter bacteria® which are found in dormant form. Useful baccalaureacy increases vegetative development in the plant, increases the yield by increasing the attitude of flowers and fruits.positively affects the balance of beneficial-harmful microorganisms in the leaf face.


  • It provides an economical fertilization using nitrogen of air.
  • It allows for excellent vegetative development, promoting the development of shoots, increasing the number of leaves, the size of the leaves and, accordingly, photosynthesis.
  • It allows the balance of harmful and beneficial microorganisms on the leaf surface to form in a positive way.
  • Increases flowering.
  • Reduces flower and fruit shedding.
  • It provides an increase in efficiency and quality.
  • It increases the flavor of the fruit and positively affects the storage life of the fruit.
It is a completely natural, ecologically balanced product that does not harm people, animals and plants and can also be used in organic agriculture and does not have residue problems.


Vitormone PLUS contains Azotobacter bacteria in dormant form. After applications, dormant bacteria become active on the leaf.

Using the carbon present in the leaf, it converts the nitrogen of the air in the atmosphere into the form that the plant can use and allows the plant to feed on the leaf.

Plant growth regulators (giberellik acid, cytoquinin, oxycin, IAA), which are beneficial for plants, naturally secrete vitamins (group B, C and E) and antifungal metabolites, ensuring the balance of growth and development of the plant.

Azotobacters partially prevent damage to other harmful pathogens by covering the leaf and thanks to the antibiotics they secrete.

Vitormone Plus pH operates in the range of 5.5-9.5.


Vegetative development period = 100 mL/100L

Flower attitude period = 100 mL/100L

Fruit attitude period = 100 mL/100L

  • Non-ionic spreader should be used in combination with adhesives.
  • Applications should be carried out in the afternoon after sunset.
  • Chemical bactericidal applications should not be made from the leaf after the applications.
  • The effectiveness increases even more if it is combined with leaf fertilizers with a high content of organic matter, such as amino acids or seaweed.
  • Before application, the packaging should be shaken thoroughly before opening and the opened packaging should be used at 1 time.
  • Non-ionic emitter should be used in combination with adhesive.


During vegetative development, starting after planting, application should be carried out during the periods of flowering and the first fruit attitude.


It has a wide range of uses.

Vineyard, peach, apricot, tomato (in greenhouse and outdoor), cherry, apple, citrus, pomegranate, cucumber, olive, wheat, strawberry, melon/watermelon, pepper, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, cotton, paddy, potatoes, artichokes, grass, etc.


It can be mixed with all chemicals (including insecticides and fungicides) except fertilizers and drugs with high copper content.


  • Before application, the packaging should be shaken thoroughly, the opened packaging should be used at 1 time.
  • The mixture should be mixed very well and applied immediately.
  • Vitormone + Biosaps combination is recommended in cases where the air temperature is below 15 C.


  • Store in cool, dry places, protect from high heat and direct sunlight (4⁰C-40⁰C
  • It can be stored in room conditions for 2 years from the date of manufacture.
  • The fact that the air temperature is below + 4 ⁰C creates problems in storage.
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