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Liquid Fertilizer


Liquid organic fertilizer containing amino acids of vegetable origin. It increases the water retention capacity of the soil and helps to absorb nutrients by the plant.

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This product has been registered by the "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Food".

Organic matter should be between 3% and 5% in farmed soils, but in the analysis, this rate decreases to less than 1%. This reduces the water retention capacity of the soil and causes reductions in the benefit of discarded chemical fertilizers to the plant.

Organic matter is the storehouse of the soil. Nitrogen clings to organic matter. Carbon monoxide gas produced when organic matter is broken down in the soil causes phosphorus accumulated in the soil to be taken by plants, and therefore organic matter is very important for the soil.

Content w/w
Organic Matter %50
Organic Carbon %19
Organic Nitrogen 4
Free Amino acid %2
Ph 3-5
Guaranteed Content - EBG PROOF X
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Hayriye Şekeroğlu
Ziraat Mühendisi

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