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Water Soluble Granular Fertilizer

Disper VegaAmino GS

Disper Size Gs plant development regulator is a product produced entirely aimed at fruit development and ripening.

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This product has been registered by the "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Food".

Impact of Disper VegaAmino

  • Disper VegaAmino's plant activates chlorophyll function.
  • Protects the plant from possible damage by activating the chlorophyll metabolism of the plant in stress conditions
Fertilizer Content
Total Organic Matter %60
Organic Carbon %20
Organic Nitrogen %2
Free Amino Acids %14,5
Disper VegaAmino GS - Fertilizer Content

Advantages of Disper VegaAmino

  • In the structure of Disper VegaAmino; There are 3 different molecules: aminoastler, vitamins and molybdenum.


Amino acids found in the structure of Disper VegaAmino;

  • It is used in the synthesis of chlorophyll, especially in stress conditions.
  • Supports enzyme synthesis and activation.
  • They lead the way with polyamines. (hormones and stress effect).
  • Supports root development.


Functions of water-soluble vitamins in the structure of Disper VegaAmino;

  • It participates in the structure of the metabolism of carbohydrates, nitrogen and fatty acids.
  • Improves enzyme and co-enzyme metabolism.
  • Promotes root development and retains the energy of the plant.


Molybdenum is the most important element for nitrogen metabolism.

  • He takes part in the reduction of nitrate from inorganic "N" to organic "N".
  • It has a duty to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.

Disper VegaAmino provides the energy necessary for the plant, increasing the amount and quality of the harvest.


Disper Cholorophly GS has a structure in the form of fully water soluble granules.

Since it is 100% water soluble, it does not block during application.

Application and Dose

Disper VegaAmino GS it is recommended to use it in stress conditions caused by developmental retardation in plants, cold stress, frost, temperature shock, incorrect fertilizer applications, improper application of plant protection products.

Disper VegaAmino GS it is designed to improve the metabolism of the plant by balancing it. In addition Disper VegaAmino GS it can also be used at the beginning of plant development (germination, flowering, budding ... ).

Leaf Application: Application is usually recommended to be 50gr/100 L. It should be repeated between 7-14 days according to the phenological condition and response of the plant between application. In order to save the plant from stress conditions, application should be carried out with 75 gr/100 L.

Soil Application: Recommended as 2-4 applications taking into account the product cycle at 100-200 gr/da.


Disper VegaAmino GS it is advisable to use mineral oils without mixing them with alkaline products.

If mixed with other drugs, a low dose should be applied.


  • 20% longer
  • 60% Heavier
    It has been observed that

In harvesting

  • 23% Product Increase
  • 6% Fruit Weight
    Increase Observed

Note: The descriptions and product contents of this product are taken from the manufacturer.

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