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Water Soluble Granular Fertilizer

Disper Mn Sinergy

DISPER Mn Sinergy is a product designed to eliminate and prevent manganese deficiencies. Since it is 100% water soluble, it does not block during application.

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This product has been registered by the "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Food".


  • Disper Mn with Mn-EDTA chelated is effective in plant development and growth, even if used in small quantities.
  • Disper Mn acts as a catalyst in the case of photosynthesis, just like enzymes, and is involved in the destruction of carbohydrates, the formation of vitamins and nitrogen binding.
  • Disper Mn is recommended for use in organically poor, alkaline or naturally poor soils. Symptoms of Manganese deficiency, especially in poor soils; abnormal growth in the plant, for example, the fact that the leaves are smaller than normal and without the least.
  • Disper Mn prevents the upper leaves of the plant from yellowing.
  • Disper Mn eliminates the lack of Mn in the plant, preventing developmental retardation and delay in fruit ripening.
Fertilizer Content
Manganese (Mn) 13% (EDTA chelated)
Disper Mn Sinergy - Fertilizer Content

Formulation Type

Disper Mn 13% GS has a structure/formulation in the form of fully water soluble granules.

Since it is 100% water soluble, it does not block during application.


  • Photosynthesis is a very important element in metabolism as photolysis and photophosphorulation of water play a role.
  • It is involved in nitrogen metabolism from glutamine to urea formation and reduction of Nitrate.
  • It is involved in the metabolism of glucose and organic acid.
  • It is responsible for the activation of enzymes such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), pigments (carotenes, xanthophlls).


  • Most prominently, irregular yellowish green spots occur on young leaves with chlorosis.
  • Manganese deficiency in legumes, fruit trees, grapes, citrus fruits, plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, strawberries, beans, potatoes is manifested very severely.


Especially in poor soils and during the growing period, consuming a lot of elements (wheatgrass, citrus fruits, apples, lettuce, peppers, soy, grapes, etc.)
Budding in the spring on fruit trees and plants in garden plants should be applied when the plants are surprised.


  • Leaf application: 50-100 g/100L can be applied according to the lack of nutrients.
  • Soil application: 200-600g/100L is applied by looking at the pH values of the plant and soil.


Mineral oils should not be confused with alkaline products and acidic products.

Disper Mn pH: 8.2

Note: The descriptions and product contents of this product are taken from the manufacturer.

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