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Water Soluble Granular Fertilizer

Disper Complex GS

Disper Complex GS thanks to its extraordinary formulation, it ensures the excellent intake of feeding products by the plant.

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This product has been registered by the "Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Food".


Disper Complex GS thanks to its extraordinary formulation, it ensures the excellent intake of feeding products by the plant. In addition, thanks to the microelements it contains, it helps to achieve maximum product in harvesting by balancing the growth and development of the plant.

Disper Complex GS it gives excellent results even in poor soils, which do not have enough nutrients for plants.

Disper Complex GS Since the oligoelements in its structure are chelated in the most effective way, they are quickly taken by plants and there is no waste in the soil.

Fertilizer Content
Iron (Fe) 5.00% (EDDHSA chelated)
Manganese(Mn) 3.50% (EDTA chelated)
Zinc(Zn) 0.4% (EDTA chelated)
Copper(Cu) 0.40% (EDTA chelated)
Boron (B) %0.60
Molybdenum (Mo) %0.22
Disper Complex GS - Fertilizer Content


Microelements are present in low concentration in the soil. It is often ignored by farmers during fertilization, so it is absorbed in small quantities by plants. Oligoelements are of great importance for plants. The lack of one or more of these negatively affects plant development and causes the product quality to decrease.

  • Iron (Fe) is consumed in large quantities by plants. Iron (Fe) in the plant is the most important element responsible for chlorophyll and enzyme synthesis.
  • Mangezium (Mg) is the main element involved in cell division during the synthesis of chlorophyll in the plant.
  • Copper (Cu) participates in the structure of enzymes during the oxidation phase, the last part of the respiratory mechanism.
  • Zinc (Zn) is involved in regulating the growth and development of the plant, protein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Manganese (Mn) is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll, nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Boron(B) is involved in the synthesis of carbohydrates and lignins.
  • Molebdenum improves nitrogen metabolism.


Disper Complex GS it has a structure in the form of fully soluble granules in water. Since it is 100% water soluble, it does not block during application.


When used in poor, lime and alkaline soils, it eliminates the iron deficiency of plants as well as ensuring that other plant nutrients are taken by plants.
Disper Complex GS is especially recommended for use in soils where microelements are found depending on them.
Thanks to the EDDHSA chelate, it can be applied from leaves and soil in all production areas.

Leaf Application: 150-300 g/100 L

Soil Application: 1-1.5 kg/da in citrus and fruit trees (3-5 applications)

*It is recommended to apply 400-600 g/da to vegetable production areas.


It should not be confused with mineral oils and alkaline products.

Note: The descriptions and product contents of this product are taken from the manufacturer.

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